FastVoice Privacy Policy

When we say:

  1. "FastVoice" or "our app", we are talking about "FastVoice" softphone application.
  2. "our", "we" or "us", we are talking about Fast-Link Group of Companies.
  3. "DID", we're talking about VoIP account number (SIP username and password) that could be use to send/receive calls and IM (Instant Message) with others or other phone operators.

FastVoice is a VoIP softphone application provides Instant Messaging (IM), Internet calling (voice and video) and other services related to soft-phone apps (which are: Call Transfer and Call hold) to users across the world through a DID number provided by us after you buy Fast-Link SIM card. The Privacy Policy that has been provided by FastVoice helps to explain our information practices. For example, we talk about what information we may collect or take and how this affects end-user. We also explain the steps we take to protect end-user's privacy.

FastVoice access to your device

As any other normal VoIP applications, FastVoice app will reach your device's contacts, camera (only during video calls through FastVoice and after your permission only), speaker, headset and microphone (only during voice and/or video calls through FastVoice), Installed account on FastVoice and status, no information or data will be transfer to our side at all.